I didn’t mean to stay away so long

Child gonna child, all I have to say.

I think I’ll be back on track for real this week. In the meantime, we’ve all seen Brian Kesinger‘s Episode VII/Calvin and Hobbes mash up on Instagram, right?

He has an Etsy store, too. One I refuse to visit so I won’t hand him my entire bank account.


I relate so hard to this series

What up

I’m getting myself back together and hope to start fan blogging next week. Updates on Blood of a Million Voices and perhaps part one of Han and Leia as tropes. Maybe. That’s a big job.

My little Kylo Ren had chilled for now. Let us hope she stays chill.


So. My kid got in a trouble at school. Hardly the first time, but she set a record. I am taking a small time out from fandom to address her Kylo Ren Jr. behavior. I’ll be back forthwith.


This was me clearing out her room. No shame.

Gif set

Padmé, Leia, and Rey


I’ve hit a rough patch. Projects are progressing but at a slower pace. Expect lots of gifs and jpegs for the short term.

Monday Madness

Another “snow” day on this end. No snow, ice melted well within a 2 hour delay time frame.


My reaction to today's cancellation

My relationship with my kid is better when she’s in school 6 hours a day.

I did plug away at my “problematic things about Han and Leia” post (that one may take awhile) and plan to do more this evening on Blood of a Million Voices. So while I have nothing to display just yet there are things in the works.

Blogging every day is hard, but I think the habit will do me well.

Interesting headcanon


I can’t copy and paste from the tumblr app (because that would be easy). It presents a theory of how Leia and Luke relate to their newly discovered family on Naboo. Inspiring another project for me to start and maybe abandon…don’t I have 2 writing projects already going?


Just because